Ariana Grande: the funny investigation of her fans

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The fans of Ariana Grande are currently asking an existential question. The cover of his album released in 2014 was recently debated.

Ariana Grande is at the heart of an investigation of utmost importance! According to a fan, on the cover of “My Everything” the singer would be sitting on a stool while others think that this is impossible given his little outfit and his heels. According to Jess Mc Laren, a Buzzfeed reporter, this position does not look very comfortable and is almost impossible to imitate.

Many fans have tried to reproduce this pose by sharing their pictures in comic tones on Twitter and it seems that no one has managed to be as comfortable as the young singer on a stool, even with sneakers!

next week on mythbusters

Ariana Grande on Twitter

Ariana Grande, who will launch her own emojis, being the only one to answer, Jess Mc Laren finally decided to ask him directly. She answered but it seems that the confusion is not enlightened.

The latter did not answer the question directly: she simply evoked the American show Mythbusters. Waiting for a clearer answer, therefore, the truth remains elsewhere …


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