If Cardi B (27) wants to realize her political ambitions, she has the support of Bernie Sanders (78). The Democrat states to TMZ that Cardi’s life experience makes her a suitable candidate for politics.

“It would be great if she brought that experience into politics”

“Cardi B is very concerned about what is happening in the country,” said Bernie Sanders, who hopes to be elected this year’s presidential candidate for the Democratic party. “She knows what it’s like to live in poverty and have a hard time. It would be great if she brought that experience into politics.”

The rapper and the politician have known each other for a while. Last summer, Cardi interviewed the senator for an election film. The musician announced on Sunday that she wants to go into politics. On Twitter, she said in recent days that she would first want to go back to school to learn more.  

She also shared her thoughts about possession of weapons there. Cardi supports the right of Americans to have a weapon, but believes that they should undergo a mental check and weapon training, and that the minimum age for buying a weapon should be raised.