LOS ANGELES – Liam Neeson has shared a memory in an interview, which caused a great commotion. The actor told The Independent that he once went out with a club to beat a random black man.

The now 66-year-old once found out that a friend of his was raped. He asked her a number of questions about the perpetrator, including his skin color. When he knew it was a black man, he went out for days to find the rapist. He admits that he had so many revengeful feelings that he wanted to beat every black man together. “I’m ashamed to have to tell that, but I was hoping in that week that somewhere there would be a black bushy quarrel with me, so I could finish it.”

In the interview Neeson mentions his reaction from that period terribly. “It’s terrible, terrible that I did that, I’ve never told anyone before, but I learned my lesson from it.”

This was not enough for many people on social media. The actor’s words were heavily criticized by many people, and a boycott of his work was called for. Neeson has not responded to the noise.