CHICAGO – The police in Chicago have found more security images showing Jussie Smollett on the night he was attacked. According to a spokesperson for the corps, the two people that were seen on previous videos have not yet been found.

In a tweet, the police say Monday that the new material has yet to be investigated. On Thursday, the authorities released two fairly unclear images on which two people can be seen. The police said they were looking for the two, but they did not call them suspects. In the statement Monday, the spokesman said that the two individuals have not been identified “as homeless or otherwise.”

The police also call on people to report to the FBI if they know more about an alleged threatening letter addressed to the actor, who would have been delivered on the set of his series Empire.

Because there is a lot unclear about the attack on the 36-year-old, there is a lot of speculation online and Smollett is accused of distorting facts and even inventing the attack. He responded to this this weekend. “I work with the authorities and have been 100 percent factual and consistent about everything, and despite my frustration and concerns about inaccuracies and false information being disseminated, I still believe that the law will prevail.”