It is not the first time that Lena Dunham talks about her health problems, but this has probably been the most difficult. The actress, who has lived with endometriosis forseveral years and the pain and complications that this causes, has undergone a hysterectomy (intervention that involves the elimination of the uterus and the cervix).

This is what she told herself in the American edition of Vogue magazine. After going through the operating room on numerous occasions and trying without success all kinds of treatments such as massage, acupuncture or therapies for pain and pelvic floor, decided to make this decision.

During the surgery, the specialists found another series of problems that increased the pain of the interpreter. “In addition to endometriosis, I had reverse bleeding, that is, the period flowed to my stomach, which ended up full of blood. One of my ovaries had settled on the sacral nerves of the back that allow us to walk. And let’s not talk about my uterus. The only nice detail I can say about him is that, instead of the bulb shape he should have, he looked like a heart, “says Durham.

Despite everything, the actress remains positive in the face of the possibility of having children in the future. “I may have felt before that I had no other options, but now I know I do, and soon I will begin to explore whether or not my ovaries, which remain inside me somewhere between my organs and scars, have ovules. it is another possibility that I will pursue with all my strength, “he says.

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