Radiohead band guitarist Jonny Greenwood will be in the Academy Awards. A news that will delight the director of the movie Phantom Thread , by Paul Thomas Anderson.

This is a first nomination for composer Jonny Greenwood who signs the music for Anderson’s film. The two artists were already at their fifth film collaboration.

Jonny Greenwood composed the music for the film There will be blood  in 2007, recognized as one of the best soundtracks of the last two decades.

The work was not eligible for the Oscars, however, since the music was partly based on an existing piece in the composer’s repertoire.

The hidden thread , French translation of Phantom Thread , marks a new stage in the crescendo of the collaboration between the director and the musician.

The film is nominated in six categories at the upcoming Oscars Awards Gala.

Renowned for escaping the spotlight, Jonny Greenwood has long wavered about his presence at the big Hollywood party.

Paul Thomas Anderson confirmed by email the presence of his collaborator. “He comes! I have confirmation, “he wrote to The Associated Press last Friday.

In a recent interview, Jonny Greenwood said that the director gave him two choices: “Either you come and you dress like an idiot, which would be great. Either you come and you have to say something on stage, which would be great too. ”

What makes them a good team? “He trusts me and he likes to make fun of me. I think these are two parts of a perfect relationship, “says Jonny Greenwood.