At a high school in Florida, a shooter has done a massacre. There are at least seventeen deaths and dozens of wounded. 

The suspected gunman was arrested. He is a former pupil of the school. TV images show a man with light hair and a wine red shirt in handcuffs. ,, We have not received any warning or instruction, “says  school director Robert Runcie. “There were no phone calls or threats.” 

In the schoolyard, students were treated for injuries. The area around the school in Parkland, just north of Miami, has been closed. According to a tweet from the school district in Parkland, shots were heard just before the end of the school day. 

Pupils were led out of the school building with hands in the air; armed arrest teams were waiting in the schoolyard, can be seen on images of the school. Some pupils were hiding in the building with their teachers.


A father told CBS that his daughter was hiding in a closet. “She does not dare to talk, afraid someone hears her,” said Caesar Figueroa. Do not call me, I said, I do not want anyone to hear your voice. “In a text message, the girl said that three children would have been hit next to her in the room.

According to pupil Jeiella Dodoo, the fire alarm went off. ,, We thought it was an exercise, because we also had an exercise in the morning. So we evacuated as we always do in an exercise. “Once outside they heard shots.

Shootings at schools are common in the US. Since 1 January, 17 schools have already been shot, according to action group Everytown for Gun Safety. “Problems with mental health are growing in this country and have to be tackled,” said director Runcie. “I do not know a spiritually healthy person who does such a thing.