How do you prefer it?

In honor of the New York Fashion Week , Selena Gomez appeared on the Coach  show  with a “new” look.

While his Instagram shows his shaken blond bob (read: long bob) on the cover of Harper’s Bazaar, the star has transformed his appearance, returning to his long brown locks and adding bangs, a feminine and youthful appearance that combined well with its floral set.

We’ve seen that look before. In fact, when the Wolves singer came on the scene as the star of Disney’s Wizards of Waverly Place in the mid-2000s, that’s how she used her hair. It is your most natural hairstyle, although the fringe is an elegant addition.

Her makeup is also similar to her past style. Natural, with a bare lips, stuffed eyebrows and black eyeliner. With little color, highlights the beauty of her complexion and makes her look younger.

The star returns to its roots, literally and figuratively.

Last month, the star published an Instagram photo of his childhood home and shared with his 133 million followers how much he missed his life before fame.

She subtitled the publication, “The house I grew up in, from birth to 13 … I visit this place whenever I can, in many ways, it could have been better than my life today, but I am grateful for a voice that it can allow change today, even when I do not know how to do it right or I really want it, I love Grand Prairie, thank you. ”

As one wise person once said: “Home is where the heart is”, and Selena reminds us when we first gave her our heart.