The news jumped when they saw a photograph of the two together on a terrace although they have not confirmed anything yet.

When it is going to be one year of its rupture, the American singer Katy Perry and the English actor Orlando Bloom could have taken a second chance.

Katy has been very focused on her career over the past few months as well as reaping many successes with her latest work ‘Witness’ and the tour she is doing all over the world.

During the months they have been separated, the two artists, far from losing contact, have strengthened a friendship relationship and it has not been uncommon for some paparazzi to catch them walking or eating together.

In fact, Katy herself declared in an interview to E! News that still saw the actor even if they were not a couple and that she felt lucky to continue counting on him in his life : “Well, you know that people usually get in and out of your life quickly, so I’m glad to be able to count on the Mine with all the people that I want … As you get older, certain barriers are broken … And the truth is that now I am very busy, I am preparing my tour “.


“They are back together and Katy wants things to work this time, she has tried to forget about him, but she has not managed to get him out of her life or her head, she cares a lot for him and she wants it. with the greatest discretion possible, but there is no doubt, they are together again, “a source close to the Californian singer told the British newspaper The Sun.



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