In Hollywood a break-up is more than normal and with the Kardashian-Jenners it seems to be the daily fare. The drama around Kylie Jenner (22) and Travis Scott (28) is likely to be even more intense, as the reality star has been spotted with her former ex-boyfriend Tyga (29).

Kylie is going through a difficult period with Travis. “Kylie is young, but she really wants a traditional family life,” said a source to E! News . “She wants to get married and have more children. It became painfully clear that he cannot give that at the moment.” And her friends and family support the reality star through thick and thin. The brunette went out with her friends Stassie and Kelsey, where she bumped into her ex-boyfriend Tyga. 

But it’s not what it seems. “Kylie just wanted a girls night out and Stassie thought it was a good idea to leave the house,” the source continues. “He was also out with some of their mutual friends and invited Kylie and her friends to come over.” Tyga and his former girlfriend have always kept in touch since their break, but “hardly talk” to each other. “It was not a direct sting to Travis,” the source said. “There is nothing romantic behind it.” 

It is unclear how Kylie and Travis will continue, although several sources say that the chance of reconciliation is certainly in sight. The two had a relationship for two years and had daughter Stormi (1) together. Moreover, Kylie is not the first of her sisters to break up with the father of her child (ren). Kourtney and Khloé preceded her and never made custody arrangements with their baby daddies. So what the effect will be on baby Stormi also hangs in the middle.