The 50-year-old actress began filming the melodrama ” Marry Me” ( Marry Me). Jennifer Lopez ( Jennifer Lopez) spotted on the streets of New York in a spectacular outfit.

The energy of the famous beauty can only be envied. Jay Law recently presented to the public a picture of “ Strippers” ( Hustlers) and has already started acting in the next film. Lopez returned to her favorite genre. The star confirmed her title of queen of romantic melodrama. Films with the participation of Jay Law “Wedding Planner”, “Girl from Jersey”, “Madam Maid” have become bestsellers.

In the new film, she plays a pop star , who throws her fiance, rocker for a few minutes before the wedding and married a passerby. Today, J-Lo captured by paparazzi , as she left the building NBC studios in Manhattan. Beside her stood a stellar cast of the series ” Game of Thrones” John Bradley.

The actress appeared in a sparkling red dress from designer Alex Perry for £ 2196 ( 176 thousand rubles), strewn with sequins. The fitting midi outfit sat perfectly on the slender and fit figure of the star , emphasizing her signature twists. The dress had original sleeves in the style of the 80s and a zipper on the back.

The image was complemented by sandals in tone with heels with transparent inserts. Jennifer corresponded to her status as a beauty icon. She was given a glamorous make-up and put cropped hair in smooth curls.

The actress is now on the crest of a wave. The film “ Strippers” is a success with the audience. Jay Law was generously endowed with compliments by critics. The artist is even called a contender for the Oscar. Last week, Jennifer Lopez and Shakira have been announced for the show headlining Super Bowl 53 halftime of , which will be held February 2. Lopez also has a leading role in the NBC musical “ Bye Bye Birdie Live,” reports the Daily Mail .