After a long break due to health problems, Selena Gomez is again immersed in the work. So, yesterday, the 27-year-old star attended the presentation of the documentary mini-series Living Undocumented, of which she became the executive producer.

At an event held at the Netflix office in Hollywood, Selena talked about working on a project that became very personal for her, and discussed with the guests of the meeting the problems of illegal immigration (this is the subject of the television movie).

For the presentation, Gomez chose a strict but effective image of total black: she complemented Givenchy’s black mini-dress with a leather jacket, boats and large jewelry. A noticeable detail of the image was massive pins, which acted as accessories of the outfit.

Living Undocumented talks about the lives of migrants and their families who live in the United States without documents, and those whose legal status has recently changed from legal to illegal due to new laws. Gomez, this topic is very close, because she herself from a family of migrants:

I never forget that I was born in this country thanks to my family and successfully prevailing circumstances. Once, my aunt drove from Mexico to the United States, hiding in the back of a truck. My grandparents followed, and my father was already born in Texas,

– admitted the star in a recent essay .