Kylie Jenner continues to enjoy a quiet life as she prepares to welcome her first child. The little sister of Kim Kardashian would have already found a name for the little girl she is waiting for. And unsurprisingly, she does not want to say anything!

It’s one of the best-kept secrets of the moment. Kylie Jenner’s pregnancy continues in the shadows, far from the media buzz that usually punctuates the young woman’s life. A source reveals to People that the reality star turned businesswoman “is fine”, but that she is a little nervous, like all future moms.

“She has expressed concern about her delivery and recovery, but she does not panic,” said the source. At 20, Kim Kardashian’s little sister is about to have a little girl with her 25-year-old boyfriend, Travis Scott. And she would have already found him a name!
“Kylie has a favorite name for her granddaughter, but she does not want to share it,” says this close to People. The baby should be born next February, just before Khloe Kardashian’s baby – who is pregnant with basketball player Tristan Thompson.

Kylie does not go out anymore

In the meantime, Kylie is not coming out of her house anymore. “For everything she wants to do, like her nails, she has people who come to her house.She rarely goes out of her house and it is especially for doctor’s appointments”. But that does not mean that the star of the Incredible Kardashian family is not busy. In addition to promoting Kylie Cosmetics on social media, “she is preparing a pink room”.

“She received a lot of gifts at her baby shower, including essentials and clothes, and she bought a lot of things herself, not wanting to go out much, she focused on online orders. for the baby “says this close.