New bitcoin futures were launched Sunday night on the Chicago Mercantile Exchange (CME), making it the second largest stock market in the US to offer speculation on virtual currency.

Under the code “BTC”, these products were set up a week after the launch of the Chicago Board Options Exchange (Cboe) competing stock market for speculation on the rise and fall of the cryptocurrency mother. .

At the close of the first trading day on Monday, the CEM contract for delivery in January ended at $ 19,100, with 1088 contracts exchanged, a contract corresponding to five bitcoins.

On the Cboe, the contract for delivery for January ended at $ 19,055, with 3864 contracts exchanged, a contract corresponding to a bitcoin.

The price of virtual currency has experienced a new outbreak since Sunday, day of the launch of futures by the CME, jumping from $ 17,634 Friday to a record $ 19,511.18 Monday, according to data compiled by the supplier of Bloomberg financial data.

Bitcoin moved to $ 18,679.26 on Monday around 22:30 GMT, gradually approaching the $ 20,000 threshold.

Since CME Group announced the launch of futures contracts on December 1, prior to Cboe’s announcement, the price of bitcoin has almost doubled, from $ 10,899.25 to nearly $ 20,000.

At its launch in February 2009, a bitcoin cost just a few cents. At the beginning of the year 2017, he emargait around 1000 dollars. Despite internal turmoil or restrictions demanded by China, its surge has accelerated since May while the technology on which it rests, the blockchain, is of more and more interest to the commercial and financial sectors.