Kristen Stewart and Emma Roberts decided to briefly escape from glamorous Hollywood, dressed in sportswear and went for a walk in Griffith Park in the suburbs of Los Angeles. It was there that the actresses caught the paparazzi.

The stars of “Twilight” and “American Horror Story” were engaged in hiking – at a fast pace explored new trails in a huge park area. The girls, hiding behind sunglasses, chatted animatedly, and Emma Roberts did not let go of her smartphone.

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Stewart and Roberts have never acted together in a movie, but they are periodically seen in the general company of other celebrities. However, they have known each other for more than ten years: in 2008, the then very young and little-known actresses participated in a general photo shoot for Vanity Fair.

We add that Kristen Stewart will soon see on the big screen in the thriller “Revenge of Lizzie Borden” (in the cinema from February 7), as well as in the restart of “Charlie’s Angels” – from October 31. As for Emma Roberts, she recently presented her new film, Paradise Hills, at the Sundance Festival. It is not yet known whether he will be in Russian hire.

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