Kristen Stewart ( Kristen Stewart) went to Toronto, where the film festival TIFF. The 28-year-old actress presented the biographical drama  Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy”, in which she played one of the main roles.

At the premiere screening of the tape, Kristen surprised everyone in her tender and romantic way. The actress appeared before the gathered in a snow-white shining minidress Chanel. Short hair she casually laid, and bright makeup only added to her image of brightness. At the same time, Kristen smiled widely at photographers, which is not usual for her.


In the film  Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy” tells the story of the writer Laura Albert, who decided to write her new novel on behalf of a fictional man. Her book is gaining popularity, and now Laura is to introduce the world of Jeremiah Terminator LeRoy, who in fact never existed in reality.