Emma Roberts and Hayden Christensen, who worked together on the set of the film “Little Italy”, brought their new joint creation to the premiere in Toronto (Canada).

“Little Italy” is a classic story of Romeo and Juliet, only with a happy ending and with pizzerias instead of old castles. Leo’s parents, like Nikki’s parents, came to America from Italy and opened their own pizzeria here. Between the two restaurants and two families there is a fierce competition. Meanwhile, between Leo and Nikki, in spite of everything, a novel is being fastened.

Romantic comedy will please a number of familiar faces: along with Hayden and Emma in the film starred Alyssa Milano, Danny Aiello, Jane Seymour. In selected cinemas and in the digital version, “Little Italy” will be available from September 21 (unfortunately, in Russia there will be no picture rolling in cinemas).