The head of the Kardashian-Jenner dynasty tells in the talk show of Ellen DeGeneres (62) about the possible expansion of her family. Kris Jenner (64) has ten grandchildren and expects daughter Kylie (22) or Kourtney (40) to give birth to the eleventh grandchild.

“Kourtney or maybe Kylie, what do you think?”

Kris is presented with some tough questions on Ellen’s couch. When the talk show host asks her who will give birth to the next grandchild, Kris has to make a difficult decision. She has two strong candidates. “Kourtney or maybe Kylie, what do you think?”

As a good friend, Ellen knows a lot about family dynamics and who currently has a relationship with whom. Regarding the relationship between Kylie and Travis, she says the following: “They’re back together right?” Although Kris does not give a definite yes or no, she does let them know that as parents of Stormi they spend a lot of time together.