Jon Bon Jovi (57) kept his word and put Prince Harry (35) to work on Friday at Abbey Road Studios. The duke of Sussex took a seat behind the microphone in the legendary music studio in London and got a guitar in his hands, as can be seen on the Instagram account of Sussex Royal.

The prince and the American rocker are in the studio for the recording of Bon Jovi’s song Unbroken . Together with the Invictus Games choir, the singer records this again for the Invictus Games Foundation. Harry would really only come and watch and talk to members of the choir of former soldiers, but Jon Bon Jovi didn’t think that was enough. “I’m going to give him a tambourine and see what he’s going to do,” the musician promised earlier this week.

A guitar has succeeded in any case. You can also see in a video that Jon Bon Jovi got him at a microphone. Whether Harry will also sing a note is questionable. The video stops when the prince opens his mouth. More details about the visit and the recordings will be announced later in the day.

Harry and Meghan have to make a living themselves since the much discussed Megxit. And she is doing very well. Their first paid job – a lecture at the JPMorgan bank in Miami – makes the cash register clink.