Big shot against the team TMZ, who has not hesitated to post on his Twitter account a sexist video and no respect for Kim Kardashian, his assistant, and Kanye West.

Kendall Jenner millionaire and owner of a new home, Kim Kardashian pushes a jerk! And our little finger tells us that Kimmy would also have not nice things to swing at TMZ … which has clearly reached the peak of disrespect and sexism with his latest video. The subject? Kim Kardashian and her assistant Stephanie Shepard, ultra sexy in bikini and swimsuit on vacation. The TMZ editorial team speaks for one minute of the sublime bodies of the two young women. So, of course, they are compliments, but there are still two big problems: 1. Reduce women to their physique. 2. Post on Twitter the video with the wording: “Congratulations to Kanye for keeping her hands away from Kim’s assistant,” suggesting that Kanye West would think with her penis. Comments swayed by one of the team’s journalists (although his colleagues seem slightly offended by this sentence, obviously not enough to refuse the publication of this video). To reduce women to sexual objects is NO WAY. When TMZ is not at the heart of a bad buzz, it is another site: Taylor Swift associated with white supremacists, it threatens the media. So, shocked by the words of TMZ?