Once is not custom, we will soon be entitled to three new Pokemon Shiny in Pokemon GO.

Since its inception, Pokemon GO has significantly expanded the presence of Shiny in its ranks, and after letting the arrival of Ho-Oh and its Shiny version, it is the turn of three new pocket monsters to appear in the game. in fact, Niantic have already built into its code chromatic forms of Spectrum, and Gengar Gastly, as revealed in the picture Reddit community the Silph Road. This is very good news for all players, who will be able to start chasing the three most popular Pokemon Specters of all time.

With these new Pokemon Specters Shiny that should soon come into the game, we wonder a little if their presence was not the basis for the Halloween event, which would have been logical enough if you think about it. Anyway, the three Pokemon should probably land in the next update, which promises to introduce the rest of the third generation, but also the Legendary Celebi, which should also make its arrival in Pokemon GO.