Kim Kardashian, who was raided in her hotel room in Paris in 2016, did not claim that her husband Kanye West also suffered psychologically after this radical event.


“He is always so strong,” says Kardashian (37) Friday in conversation with Live with Kelly and Ryan. “He was very busy raising our security, but I was so used to being there for me.”

According to Kardashian, the men who attacked her followed her two years before the incident in the Paris hotel room. “A total of dozens of people were involved, who all helped figure out when he (Kanye, ed.) Would not be present.”

Kardashian is, in his own words, especially happy that nothing happened to her family members. “I am very strong mentally and that helps me through so many things.”

Under shot

Masked men tied Kardashian, shot at gunpoint and stole two mobile phones and ten million dollars worth of jewelry. In January 2017 ten people were arrested who were involved in the crime. In April 2018 a suspect was arrested.  

West said earlier that he has become more anxious since the robbery. “But you have to stay brave,” said the rapper. After the robbery he got a nervous breakdown, followed by a forced hospitalization.