So many performances do not have to be overcome, but we are still excited about things.

Bethesda held the first E3 conference in 2015, before releasing the games primarily through Sony’s and Microsoft’s performances. However, the publisher has started so much that their own conference is justified, and in fact, one of the most anticipated performances is theirs, as their announced games do not have years to wait for months or more.

Pete Hines, one of the vice president of marketing, Pete Hines, has been proud of Twitter at a conference in a month’s time to show incredibly many things, making it the longest press conference ever.


Last year, however, a post-apocalyptic amusement park was organized by the company in Los Angeles, where before the conference we were roughly shaken, so we did not want to jump on the next Chainsmokers concert. We hope this year we will have a similar party.