If the video game adaptation of the Kill la Kill license will be revealed in more detail during the EVO 2018, the new issue of the Japanese magazine Famitsu distills some information on the gamplay of this new fighting game.

When announced last June with a simple teaser, the studio APLUS explained that Kill la Kill: The Game-IF- propose action unbridled faithful to the anime of Trigger . Hideaki Mizota, the creative director of this fighting game, reiterated his remarks during his interview with Famitsu adding that the combat system will be very fast and easy to handle. Indeed, the latter has a lot of attacks (dash, guard, long-range attacks) that will be associated with each button of a controller. It also states that players will compete in arenas in 3D with total freedom of action. Mizota-san does not hesitate to compare Naruto: Ultimate Ninja Storm and Kill la Kill: The Game-IF-.

The video game Kill the Kill will also propose a system of stone-leaf-chisel, in which each one of these three possibilities increases another type of action. Melee attacks take precedence over Break Attacks, which are effective against guards’ actions, themselves effective against melee attacks. Escape and provocation attacks will also be part of the game. Special actions (Ketsui Burst) may also trigger a verbal clash (Ketsui Hyoumei Enzetsu) between two fighters. Players will be able to use provocative actions, mockery, and all kinds of various insults. The winner will see his stats increase.

A trailer for Kill la Kill: The Game-IF-

Kill the Kill: The Game-IF- will come out in 2019 on PS4 and PC (via Steam). Famitsu states that the game is only 35% of its development.


New pictures of Kill la Kill: The Game-IF-