Eniko Hart answered a paparazzi’s question while she was going to the hospital. US media reports that Kevin Hart has had back surgery after his road accident. 

Kevin Hart “is doing very well,” according to his wife. On Monday, the TMZ site released a video in which Eniko Hart, on her way to the hospital, gives her husband reassuring news. 

Kevin Hart was hospitalized Sunday after a serious road accident in Los Angeles. According to AFP, three people were in the car . She was driven by a friend of Kevin Hart’s and turned in a ditch. The actor seriously injured his back and, according to TMZ, was operated on Sunday. 

“He’ll be fine,” says Eniko Hart in a monotone to the paparazzi who interviews him. “He’s fine, everyone is fine,” she adds, adding that “he’s awake.” 

Stand-up comedian, Kevin Hart is also known for his film roles in Jumanji , Almost Secret Agents or The Upside . He had to present the Oscars in 2019 but withdrew after the resurgence of old tweets judged homophobic.