SEGA has unveiled new images of Hokuto Ga Gotoku, its new crazy game that mixes the world of Ken the survivor and the gameplay of the video game series Yakuza.


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This new batch of screenshots focuses more specifically on the warriors that Kenshiro will meet during his quest to become the best bartender in the world ( if we rely on recent gameplay trailers).

We can recognize several familiar faces such as Souther, Jagi, Toki or Shin. Fighters who shine – literally – a thousand fires. Pink, yellow, green … Their powerful auras pleasantly tickle the retina. Not sure that would be enough to stop this dear Kenshiro.

In addition to correcting the famous enemies of the heir of Hokuto Shinken, players can also indulge in other fun activities such as car racing or making delicious cocktails. All that to say that Hokuto Ga Gotoku looks pretty barred and original.

Hokuto Ga Gotku is released on March 8, 2018 on Japanese PS4. No European release date has been communicated yet