Michael Haneke thinks that the Metoo movement is a witch-hunt “driven by man-hatred”. The director of films like Amour and Funny Games says he is worried about the movement.

“As artists we start to get scared since we are face to face with this crusade against any kind of eroticism,” said the 75-year-old director in the Austrian newspaper Kurier.

“Of course I think that every form of rape or coercion must be punished”, says the Austrian. “But I find this kind of hysteria disorganized.”

When asked whether he is being accused, he replies: “Thank God, I do have the name to be difficult”. What bothers him in the current debate in Hollywood is that it is based on “hatred and blind anger, destroying lives of people whose crime has not been proven in many cases”. According to Haneke that poisons the social debate.

Moreover, he finds the Puritan behavior hypocritical at a time when children can “download the most perverse eroticism” in an instant.

“It is always easier to get you excited about others,” says Haneke.