Activision Blizzard can be happy, the company claims a record turnover last year and can prepare the future with serenity. The CEO also promises a 2018 year of “preparation for future growth initiatives”.

Activision Blizzard Group revenue was 5.7 billion euros in 2017, compared with 5.4 billion euros earned in 2016. The group recorded losses in the fourth quarter of 2017, due to the new US tax reform. For the rest, all the indicators are in the green and are a good promise for the future.

Record sales in 2017

In the future, Bobby Kotick, the CEO of Activision Blizzard, is talking about it and is talking about a year of ” preparing for future growth initiatives “. The businessman welcomed the results by pointing out that Blizzard achieved “his best performance for a year without a new game  “.

Apart from the pure financial figures, the group can also congratulate itself for having been able to distribute equitably cash receipts and does not put all its eggs in the same basket. Indeed, on the three main platforms, revenues are 34% for consoles, 30% for mobile and 29% for PC. Difficult to do more fair!

 This success, Activision Blizzard owes its many licenses, although some stand out as the game Call of Duty: WWII for example. It’s besides this game that has achieved the best sales and has generated the most money in the world in 2017 … The launch of Destiny 2 is also something to do with it, just like the phenomenon eSport around Overwatch and other licenses, which takes on mind-blowing proportions.

For the figures, in 2017, Activision posted operating income of $ 1.3 billion, a figure slightly lower than 2016 when the company recorded $ 1.4 billion, but which is easily explained. Indeed, this result but also the annual net profit which is 273 million, instead of the 966 million collected a year earlier, is explained by the fact that the company made heavy investments in the marketing sector, but especially because the United States has introduced the tax reform of the Trump administration.