A dream come true for Duncan Laurence (27). The 2019 Eurovision winner sees his hit ‘Arcade’ covered by a very well-known singer. And that’s not the best. No, it’s Kelly Clarkson (39). Duncan tellsmedia that he is thrilled.

“I don’t think I’ve started my week so well”

Kelly sings the winning Eurovision song of 2019 in her own show, which is not surprisingly called The Kelly Clarkson Show . Duncan has now also heard that the singer has covered his song.

“I don’t know what’s going on with that track, but it just keeps going. A few minutes ago I got a message that Kelly sang my song and then posted it. Yes, not normal. Really not normal. Me I am speechless. I think I have never started my week so well,” Duncan told.

Curious about Kelly’s version of ‘Arcade’? You can hear and see it below.