His driving resembles a video game console.
Swedish company Jetson Aero has shared more images of its Jetson One aerial vehicle flying over different surfaces, including water.

“We have flown over the desert, through a forest. This time we have chosen to fly the Jetson One over water: the feeling is incredible and magical!”, is the message that accompanies the video published last Thursday.

The aircraft is an octocopter with four arms coming out of its fuselage, each with a pair of rotors and a total power output of 88 kW .

Weighing just 90 kilograms, the Jetson One is capable of a top speed of 102 kilometers per hour. However, the batteries have a limited autonomy, providing only about 20 minutes of flight.

His driving resembles using the controls on a video game console . The operator uses a throttle lever, a ‘joystick’ and pedals to control his movements, while a computer ensures stability in the air.