Chinese-American Eileen Gu won gold on Tuesday in the first edition of the ski big air at the Olympic Winter Games in Beijing. The talent thus fulfilled its favorite role in China.

The eighteen-year-old Gu made the difference in the third and final run compared to the French Tess Ledeux and Swiss Mathilde Gremaud. She recorded the highest score in the field with 94.50, bringing her total to 188.25.

She trumped Gremaud and Ledeux. The Swiss crashed in her last run and had to settle for bronze with a grand total of 182.50. The silver went to Ledeux.

Born in San Francisco to an American father and Chinese mother, Gu is considered one of the great stars of China. She is the first woman in her first season to win gold in three disciplines of the X Games, the most important tournament in the world for freestyle skiers.

Gu’s choice not to come out for the United States, but for China caused a lot of controversy in the United States. China does not accept dual citizenship in principle, but it seems unlikely that Gu has given up her US passport. She does not want to clarify that.

With the first gold in his pocket, Gu can confidently go on the hunt for more medals in Beijing. The freestyle skier later takes part in the slopestyle and halfpipe competitions.