After revealing several clues to her Instagram account since Tuesday,  Katy Perry has finally released her new song Small Talk ! 

The pop piece, which talks about the turn of a relationship after a break-up, was co-written with American singer and producer Charlie Puth . 

A video shared on the singer’s YouTube channel shows the lyrics of the song. We see two colleagues trying to pursue a normal professional relationship after their recent separation. 

Listen now to the song below: 

Katy Perry revealed in an Instagram direct Thursday night that the song Never Really Over , released May 31, and this new excerpt, will be on his sixth album. The official release date of this album has not yet been announced. 

The popstar received this week an important honor: she is now one of 5 artists to have sold 100 million online singles in the United States. This is a huge feat for an artist who has launched only 4 albums in career!