A film that will continue the story told in the new trilogy is in preparation.

Successfully revived in the early 2010s, the franchise of The Planet of the Apes will continue to exist despite the purchase of 20th Century Fox by Disney.

According to Variety , the studio is preparing a film that will continue the story told in the new trilogy. The plot has not been unveiled yet. Matt Reeves’ film with Andy Serkis ended with a link to the 1968 classic with Charlton Helton. This end offers the opportunity to tell the story of the creation of the Monkey Society. 

A box office success

We do not know who will supervise this suite. Matt Reeves is now busy with Batman’s upcoming adventures with Robert Pattinson and Caesar’s performer Andy Serkis is scheduled to direct Venom 2 .

The Planet of the Apes: Supremacy , released in 2017, was a box office success, with a revenue of $ 491 million. A score however less impressive than the second part  The planet of the monkeys: The confrontation , which had collected 711 million dollars in 2014.