Although Warner Bros. Studio already postponed the premiere of one of her most successful film comics, it is possible that fans will see the Aquaman sequel even later. This is because Jason Momoa, according to his relatives, was hit by a bulldozer during protest movements against the construction of a telescope in Hawaii.

A few hours ago, a new photo appeared in the actor’s Instagram account, which captured the construction work on the construction of the eight-meter Subaru Telescope in 1992. Now it is located on the Hawaiian volcano Mauna Kea. However, the authorities are not going to stop there and want to build a new telescope four times larger than that presented on the sacred land for the inhabitants of the island.

Fuck it all. Sorry, Warner Bros., but we won’t be able to start shooting the second “Aquaman” because Jason got under a bulldozer trying to stop the desecration of his native land. This will never happen! We won’t let this happen again! “No means no”. Find yourself another place. We must protect our sacred mountain from further desecration,

– reads an emotional message.

In the comments, users expressed their support to the protesters, and Momoa was called a real hero. The actor has been participating in protest movements since last month. It is still unknown whether Jason was hurt and how much the protest rally will affect the filming of Aquamen 2.