The tele-hook war is in full swing on the other side of the ocean, especially between The Voice and American Idol, and the two productions do not hesitate to fall into the bidding war to attract the greatest number of viewers.

While the battle for the most prestigious jury was made with very big checks, here are the two programs are now on the screens, and it is the one who will make the most talk about him.

American Idol can in any case rely on the talents of host of the singer Katy Perry, who does not hesitate to put his person to ensure a show of all times.

Faced with a candidate who admitted to the jury that he had ” never been in contact ” and that he ” could not kiss a girl without being in relationship”, Katy Perry could not help but the show.

The singer invited the young man to approach so that they exchange a kiss, in all good honor so far!

Obviously unhappy with the first try, Katy Perry invited him to share a second, before turning his head at the last moment and kissing him on the mouth!


The candidate fell over backwards, and Katy Perry’s colleagues imitated him, but laughed!