Princess Madeleine of Sweden (35) and her husband Christopher O’Neill (43) gave their Friday-born daughter the names Adrienne Josephine Alice.


King Carl Gustaf, father of Princess Madeleine, announced this in the Royal Palace on Monday morning. Following the meeting there is a Te Deum, a thank-you service for the birth of the princess, in the chapel of the Royal Palace.

Princess Adrienne is also Duchess of Blekinge, an area in the far southeast corner of Sweden with hundreds of small islands. The name Adrienne traditionally does not occur in the royal family. Josephine does: for example, it is the fourth name of Madeleine. Alice comes from her great-grandmother, Alice Sommerlath, the mother of Queen Silvia.

Adrienne was born in Stockholm on the night from Thursday to Friday. The youngest child of the Swedish royal family is the tenth in line of throne succession and the seventh grandchild of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia.