It seems that Katy Perry and Taylor Swift, who for years could not go through a door together, have settled their quarrels.


The 33-year-old Perry sent her former rival an olive branch as a sign of reconciliation, so it became clear from a message that the 28-year-old Swift shared via Instagram Stories.

Swift placed a video of a package she received from Perry, with a note next to the olive branch containing the words ‘miscommunication’ and ‘very much regret’. “Thank you Katy”, Swift wrote in the video.

The quarrel between the two started in 2014, when Swift said in an interview that Perry was trying to sabotage her world tour by picking up background dancers from her. Later Perry accused her rival of character murder. The two would also have written songs about each other, such as  Swish Swish (Perry) and Bad Blood  (Swift).

Strong women

Perry also apologized last year. “I love her and I want the best for her,” said the singer about Swift to Arianna Huffington. “I think she’s a great songwriter and I think that, despite our differences, we can be examples of strong women if we can come together.”