Epic Games and Amazon hand in hand offer a new customization package for Fortnite.

If you spend all your evenings (or even your days) on the game of Epic Games, the opportunity is too good to miss it.

A second content pack

Fortnite, it’s your hobby, and the personalization of your character too? If you’re a member of Twitch Prime, or Amazon Prime, you can get a free content pack immediately after the first one. In the latter, Prime members could get their hands on an exclusive Chaos outfit and sub-commander outfit, back accessory and glider in Battle Royale, as well as exclusive heroes for Save the World and 4 emojis. Exclusive Twitch.

In this second pack of content, players can get a pack including an adventurer outfit, a large backpack, a pick and an emote. To do this, simply link your Epic Games account to your Amazon Prime account. As a reminder, Amazon Prime provides access to Twitch Prime, the Amazon Video streaming service, two months trial Amazon Music Unlimited music streaming service and delivery within 1 business day, among others. The US platform offers 6 months of testing for 18-24 year olds.