The Moscow studio Mundfish unveils a first trailer with the heavy and disturbing atmosphere of Atomic Heart and a release period.

Atomic Heart’s first-person horror and first-person shooter game will immerse players in an alternative universe where the Soviet Union is at its peak. The main plot will focus on the company 3826, the source of robots become uncontrollable, which will be the subject of a thorough investigation by the special agent P-3. The latter will obviously quickly understand that unusual experiences have been realized there and that we will have to understand who is behind all this.


This beautiful mix between Bioshock and Wolfenstein is expected in the course of 2018 on PS4, Xbox One and PC. In order to introduce the Atomic Heart universe, Mundfish plans to release Soviet Luna Park VR on the Steam platform within the next few weeks. This experience in virtual reality will give a taste of some things present in the horrific FPS like clowns (yes … the famous killer clowns).

A trailer for Atomic Heart