Aatie Holmes and Jamie Fox’s novel by the Western media became known several years ago, but the couple behaves so secretively that it still does not appear together at official events. Sometimes fans of the actors see photos taken by the paparazzi, and then they realize that there is still love between Katie and Jamie. It was rumored that the contract with Tom Cruise Holmes could not officially marry again and even present his chosen one in public. But insiders claim that the couple will marry next summer.

It became known that the marriage of Jamie Fox and Katie Holmes will be held in Paris in the summer of 2019. The couple chose this particular city, because there they first decided to go for a walk together as a couple. It is worth noting that at that time only the paparazzi noticed them, and the lovers did not have an official exit. The insider claims that Holmes initiated the next step in their relationship. “Jamie will adopt Suri when the time comes, but now they are ready to exchange vows. Tom, most likely, will be against it, but Kathy and Suri want just such an outcome of events. The girl hardly knows who Tom Cruise is! ”, Says the source. Recall that Cruz is no longer seen with her own daughter, because she and her mother do not belong to the Church of Scientology.