Reality star Kylie Jenner confesses in a new YouTube video that she always books an extra hotel room for her clothes and make-up when she is on the road. However, she will not notice much of this with an estimated net worth of more than 790 million euros.

“Travis and I always have our own room anyway”

In the new video Kylie shows her make-up ritual before she leaves the house. She is currently on the road with her boyfriend Travis Scott for his Astroworld Tour. 

During the make-up, Kylie confesses that she spends a lot of money on hotel rooms during such a tour through the country. “Travis and I always have our own room, and I always have a room for my clothes, make-up and so that our daughter Stormi can play.”

Whether Travis also has his own room for his clothes is not known, but what is striking is that the two do not share a room together.