The 56-year-old actor appears less and less in public and on big screens. After the scandal with the death of his ex-girlfriend Ekaterin Wright, fans became worried that Jim Carrey had left Hollywood altogether. For the whole year, he really took part in only one television project and recently told the Radio Times that he was refusing major offers.

In September of this year, the series “Joke” was released, where Jim Carrey played the popular host of children’s programs, whose family life is about to fall apart. In the actor’s filmography, this TV project was the first in the last two years, and all because Kerry was tired of the “new era” of Hollywood. “I just did not want to do this business anymore. What was happening around, the way corporations seized the industry, I did not like. Previously, I could control the process of making films without listening to the imposed opinions of the bodies and committees on what the idea should be, ”the actor said.


Jim Carrey also told the presenters that he now prefers to live in isolation and in solitude. According to the actor, loneliness does not bother him and allows him to live a more measured and calm life, but, nevertheless, he finds time for romance: “I still go on dates. And I also like to spend time reading, drawing and sculpting sculptures. ”

Ahead of the actor the second season of the series “Just kidding”, as well as participation in the voice acting of the cartoon “Yozh Sonic”, which will be released in November 2019.