Kanye West (44) has thrown another release party for his new album ‘Donda’. The launch party was even more exuberant than the first time, American media report. The rapper took a nap and a number of push-ups during the event, among other things.

The launch again took place at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta. There, the artist held a big listening event to share his new music with his fans. According to attendees, he regularly made use of a makeshift bed during the session and the rapper also occasionally used his phone to call someone.

One of the highlights of the event was when the rapper let himself hoist and hover above the stage. Images of a ‘flying’ Kanye were widely shared on social media.

Named after West’s mother, ‘Donda’ was actually supposed to come out on July 23. The night before, the musician also held a major listening event to share his new music with his fans. That event was simpler set up than the second party. The first time, the rapper stood alone in the middle of the stadium, moving along quietly, occasionally saying something through a microphone while the album was playing.

The day after the party, however, he went into a makeshift studio in the stadium because he still wanted to tinker with the album. To date, the real album has still not been presented. That is expected to happen on Friday. For Kanye, delay is not an unusual move, because he has often decided to go into the studio again at the very last minute. The release of his previous album ‘Jesus Is King’ (2019) was also postponed a few times.