Britney Spears’ co-curator issued a statement on Friday asking Jamie Spears to resign as his daughter’s supervisor. According to Jodi Montgomery, Jamie’s stay on mentally puts a heavy strain on the singer.

Britney Spears’ father issued a written statement to the court earlier in the day indicating that Montgomery recently called him with concerns about Britney’s “recent behavior and general mental condition.”

In her statement, Montgomery says that is indeed true, but that Jamie is at least partly the reason for it. “For privacy reasons, Ms Montgomery cannot address these concerns, but she can say that having Jamie Spears as a trustee rather than a neutral professional has a serious impact on Ms. Spears’s mental health,” the statement said. issued to Variety, among others .

In her statement, Montgomery denies having suggested in conversation with Jamie Spears that Britney should be admitted to a psychiatric clinic. “Mr. Spears is misrepresenting what Ms. Montgomery has said to him about a possible involuntary incarceration. She has never claimed that Ms. Spears is currently eligible. Her concern was that if Ms. Spears is forced to testify or evaluated, it could send her mental health in the wrong direction.”