Jessie J has said in an interview with Glamor that Nicki Minaj would like to participate in the hit Bang Bang (2014), but the rapper has now contradicted that. She announced via Twitter that she was asked by her label.

In conversation with Glamor , Jessie J spoke about five hits and told extensively about the creation of the songs. On Bang Bang , which also features Ariana Grande, she said it was like a dream come true.

“We (Grande and Jessie J, ed.) Both immediately thought it was a good song. Then we said to each other: shouldn’t we just do it together? Ariana did the second verse, I did the first and Nicki heard it in the studio. and said, I have to be in on this. We didn’t have to ask her, she wanted to do it,” said Jessie J.

On Twitter , Minaj now corrects that: “Honey, I didn’t hear that song and asked if I could join. My label asked me to join and paid me for it. How should I have heard the song? Like a song monitor I have to look for songs with. Another artist said this recently, stop everyone. Love you.”

Bang Bang was a worldwide hit, yielding Grande and Minaj their first number 1 hit in the UK.