The rapper appeared on the 12-state ballot in his insane race for the presidential seat.

Kanye West’s efforts in the US election cost him nearly $ 12 million, to garner only 60,000 votes, according to official paperwork.

While his run for the White House may have waned after just one rally, in which he promised to reorganize America based on the fictional kingdom of Wakanda from the superhero movie Black Panther if he made it to the Oval Office, his efforts cost him almost US $ 12 million, according to official documentation.

That breaks down to nearly $ 200 for each of the roughly 60,000 votes in 12 states, which doesn’t seem like a particularly good return on your investment.

However, he managed to get a gift in Wyoming, where he voted for himself by scribbling his name on the ballot, probably using a wax crayon.

Kanye posted a photo of his name on the ballot saying, “It’s for someone I really trust: me.”