“It’s important that every vote is counted.” Many celebrities are unhappy about Donald Trump’s (74) demand to stop counting votes in some states. They call for calm and demand that all votes be counted. 

The presidential elections in the United States are turning into a true thriller. Votes are still being counted and candidates Joe Biden (77) and Donald Trump are running a neck-and-neck race in the fight for victory. Trump demanded that vote counting be stopped in crucial states of Pennsylvania and Michigan. In a speech he talked about “fraudulent practices” and went to court to denounce the situation. “President Trump’s campaign has failed to gain meaningful access to numerous voting sites to observe the opening of the ballot boxes and the counting, as (however) the Michigan law guarantees,” campaign director Ben Stapien told Fox News. 

A demand that can count on little sympathy from many celebrities, who are often in the camp of his challenger Joe Biden. On social media they insist that all votes must be counted. 

“Keep breathing, this could take a while”, talk show host James Corden  (42) encourages his followers. 

“Good things take time,” tweeted ‘Avengers’ actor Mark Ruffalo (52). “We will count every vote.”

‘Scandal’ actress Kerry Washington (43) calls on her followers to volunteer to check the vote count.  

“Every vote is extremely important,” says Lady Gaga  (34). In recent days she has been on a campaign with Joe Biden. 

“We wait until every vote is counted,” tweeted singer Rihanna (32).

“Leaders are chosen by the people. In order to maintain a democracy, every vote matters and every vote must be counted. Keep calm and let’s count all votes ”, writes ‘Desperate Housewives’ actress Eva Longoria (45).