Kaley Cuoco has taken a different look at the television industry now that she also works as a producer. The actress, known for The Big Bang Theory , among others , tells The Hollywood Reporter that she is less critical of television series these days.

“I’m impressed with everyone who manages to make something in the television world. It’s so hard to get funding,” said Cuoco, who will soon be seen on HBO Max in the thriller series The Flight Attendant. , which also produces them.

“I’m less critical of the things I see and the shows I watch. Now when people ask me what I think of a particular series, I answer, ‘They did it. It’s on TV. They won. ‘”

The actress and producer ran into additional problems while making The Flight Attendant due to the measures surrounding the corona virus. “We often had to film with many extras on planes, which is not ideal during a pandemic.”

Cuoco explains that a number of scenes had to be changed considerably. “We had to do most of the scenes with about six extras, who we shifted and put on hats. It sounds bad, but we really couldn’t get more people to come to the set.”

The 34-year-old Cuoco was seen as Penny in the sitcom The Big Bang Theory for twelve seasons . The series came to an end last year. The Flight Attendant can be seen from November 26.