It’s not been an easy year for Chrissy Teigen (34) and her husband John Legend (41). The model gave birth to her stillborn son Jack last month. She shares on social media how she mourns her loss and lets know how her daughter Luna (4) says goodbye to her brother.

“I know this is a bit crazy”

“Today I think a lot about Jack,” Chrissy reports on Instagram. The model says that they are ‘very open’ at home about ‘life, death, mourning and basically everything’. Together with her husband John, she does her best to ‘explain everything’ to their children Luna (4) and Miles (2). She shares a video of her daughter saying goodbye to the ashes of her dead brother Jack. “I know this is a bit crazy, but I wanted to share it so that I always remember how incredibly empathetic my little one is,” she writes with the video. 

“Life is so much better with her in it,” Chrissy says of her daughter. She also says she ‘misses her stillborn son Jack very much’. It is not the first time that Chrissy talks so candidly about her stillborn baby. Shortly after she lost Jack, she shared images from the hospital on social media. She also had a tattoo done in his honor. 

Before Chrissy got pregnant for the third time, she wanted to have her breast implants removed.