Actor Jason Momoa, who played Khal Drogo in the first season of Game of Thrones , had a lot of trouble finding work after working on the hit series. “It was very difficult, because I had young children at the time and I was completely in the red,” Momoa said in conversation with InStyle .

Momoa starred in Game of Thrones in 2011, but was written out of the series after just one series. The 41-year-old actor says he could no longer pay his mortgage after that.

The HBO series made numerous actors world famous, but for Momoa it was not a success. It would be another five years before his real breakthrough came with his role as Aquaman in the DC Comics movies Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice , Justice League and Aquaman .

In 2017, the actor also announced that his work in Game of Thrones had not led to any new roles. “My character Drago doesn’t speak English,” he told The Hollywood Reporter at the time.

According to Momoa, the difficult period when he was unable to find work taught him to be humble. He doesn’t just take major roles in films for granted. “I’m still a kid who’s going crazy (from a new role, ed.),” Momoa said.

The American recently got his role in Dune . However, the release of that film has been postponed to October 2021 due to the corona virus.